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Diana Titus-Young and her family have experienced many challenges throughout their lives. Nevertheless, they trusted in Jesus, their refuge and strength in times of troubles. Regardless of the challenges or fiery darts that Satan threw at then, they never gave up. They encouraged themselves and trusted in God, knowing that the battle was not theirs but the Lord’s. They stood on God’s word and exercised great faith, knowing that if they believed in his Word, all things would be possible.

This book tells about the many challenges they encountered, and how they applied God’s Word to their struggles. In this book are testimonies of wondrous miracles that the Lord bestowed upon their family.

If you are experiencing any form of trials or tribulations in your life, whether sickness, death, divorce or others, this book will inspire and empower you to overcome adversity with faith in God. Your faith will increase beyond measures. No matter what the situations are, remember this:


Trials come to make you stronger; trust in Jesus.